The Kit Diagno-Check ®

Diagno-Check ® blood glucose self-monitoring system,the unique kit «All in one » which is a total solution designed to help you provide the best care possible. It is simple, portable, and delivering accurate results in 5 seconds. It is ideal for travel; with a special space in the meter’s case to hold the used strips, which makes it easier to test your blood glucose wherever you are.

Diagno-Check ® Meter

Diagno-Check ® Smart is blood glucose meter that meets the requirements and performance criteria of NF EN ISO 15197: 2013.
Diagno-Check ® Smart testing can be done easily by using a single button. Be sure that all your results are reliable, and accurate. Its light weight design makes it easy to carry and its large and bright display facilitate for you to read the measurements obtained.

How to use Diagno-Check ®

Remove a new test strip from vial

Insert the test strip into the meter. It turns on automatically

Disinfect your finger with a linguette Diagno-Check ®

Hold the prepared lancing device firmly against the fingertip to obtain the required blood size

Apply blood to the front edge of the test strip, wait for the meter to count down and display your glucose test result in 5 seconds only

Disinfect your fingertip with a wet wipe, remove the test strip and discard it into the hole of the used strips waste in the right side of the carrying case


About Neomedic

NEOMEDIC is an Algerian pharmaceutical manufacturing company. It started its activities in 2008. On a surface area of almost 13500 m² were built warehouses, control laboratories, management, marketing services, production area and packaging units of dry form (capsules, tablets) and ointment, that are designed according to the pharmaceutical standards.

The company consists of multidisciplinary team of 342 employees who work in a serious, family and respectful atmosphere. The thing that encourages creativity, quality, and productivity improvement.

Over time, NEOMEDIC has managed the know-how in the development, manufacturing and drugs registration procedures. The company succeeded in attaining its goals through expanding its portfolio with different therapeutic categories for several diseases such as, gastroenterology, dermatology, allergy, cardiovascular, pain etc… in compliance with GMP standards NEOMEDIC maintains an open door policy of cooperation with foreigners in order to enhance public health. It has also done partnership with a Known European Companies, in Switzerland, and Netherland. In recent years, NEOMEDIC has concluded a partnership agreement with the American Company DIAGNOS LAB. They have created a subsidiary company“NEOMEDIC diagnostic” which is specialized in blood glucose monitoring system manufacturing and blood glucose meter assembly. DIAGNOS LAB performs the Design of the meters, and the development of different blood glucose test strips. And NEOMEDIC is his exclusive manufacturer in Middle East & Africa.

NEOMEDIC Diagnostic is the first manufacturer of the test strips in Algeria and Africa continent. Their products meet the requirements and performance criteria of NF EN ISO 15197: 2013.

Besides;NEOMEDIC was incorporated from a skilled and professional GROUP specialized in many fields; electric power Industry, household manufacturing and construction, The GROUP covers a turnover of 289 million dollars. It consists of more than 1800 employees over the Algerian Territory, Presently, The GROUP is under construction of three (03) joint-venture companies; the first one is cooperated with a Saudi company for establishing the Biggest company in Africa, which is specialized in transformers manufacturing process.

The second one is cooperated with an Italian company, which is specialized in electric cable manufacturing. The third one is collaborated with a Chinese company which is specialized in household manufacturing. Make sure that developing effective products and achieving quality requirements are our main concern.

Products Diagno-Check ® Smart

Diagno-Check Smart 5in1

With Diagno-check smart all-in-one system, it becomes effortless to check your blood glucose anytime, anywhere. It is painless; portable; fast, results in 5 seconds and accurate.
Diagno-check blood glucose monitoring system- Certified ISO 15197:2013 / FDA.

Test Strips

The blood sample size is only 0, 5 µl.

Lancing device

8 adjustable depth to match different skin type.
Easy to use.
Painless testing.


25 Sterile lancets.

Wet Wipes

Alcohol wet wipes for disinfecting your puncture site.

Control solution

One control solution vial.
Use only with Diagno-Check meter and test strips.


It is estimated that 422 million people are living with diabetes in the world, which is estimated to be one in eleven of the world’s adult population. 46% of people with diabetes are undiagnosed. In fact, the number is expected to rise to 642 million people living with diabetes worldwide by 2040.

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Lecteur de glycémie : Neomedic au secours du marché algérien

Bonne nouvelle pour les diabétiques algériens. Le laboratoire Neomedic de Constantine annonce la mise en vente, dès la fin du mois en cours, d’une nouvelle gamme de lecteur de glycémie Diagno-Check, 100% algérienne.

Passage de Diagno-Check à la radio Algérienne Cirta FM

Salon international de la pharmacie, de la parapharmacie, de la santé et du bien-être


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